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Manufacturing Capabilities

We provide a breadth of operational expertise – from dry blending and primary filling to processing and packaging.

Our state-of-the-art facilities combined with our customer-solution approach makes us the perfect extension of your own food manufacturing capabilities.

Companies looking for help commercializing their dry-mix product; we’re the answer. With robust quality processing, we deliver healthy, organic, gluten-free, Keto, Paleo and better-for-you products with agglomeration technologies and superior allergen handling capabilities. Our innovation team collaborates to develop functional and nutritional targets and improve product performance.

With over 400,000 square feet of processing and distribution space, extensive in-house blending operations and diverse packaging options we support small to mid-size production needs. Whether searching for toll manufacturing or turn key resources, Element Food Solutions has the capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

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Manufacturing, Commercialization and Dry Foods Packaging

Experienced partners with the ability to assist in development and commercialization of innovative products (e.g., supplementing capacity shortage, LTOs, licensing projects and new product introductions).

Co-manufacturing/Private Label/Packaging solutions offering diversity in pack size and type from individual pouches to totes.

Dedicated and segregated gluten-free work centers and segregated rooms available for nut allergen processing and packaging.

Cooperative approach to working with our customers on initial order quantities to launch new products.

Dry-Blend Ingredients
Mix, Blending & Agglomeration

Agglomeration capabilities to ensure your powders are easily dissolvable with consistent particle size to improve solubility. We batch agglomeration for premium product blends building particle sizes to maximize performance in mixes.

Adept at handling specialty ingredients with claims that consumers are looking for; expertise in nutritional claims and better-for-you ingredients.

Specialized in gluten-free and organic ingredients with the ability to segregate allergens.

Skilled working with dry-blend ingredients including baking mixes, cereal/oatmeal, snack mixes, pizza dough, nutritional powders, beverage mixes, dry soups mixes, coatings, etc.

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Project and Technical Support

On-site R&D offering product innovation and development, reformulation and improved product performance.

In house Quality Control testing and regulatory expertise.

SQF certified facility.

Turnkey solutions from product development to convenient Midwest warehouse location.